Cosgriff-Hernandez Laboratory



A recent survey from the American Society for Quality found that only 15% of students today are considering careers in engineering with a majority (44%) of respondents citing a lack of knowledge around engineering as the top reason they would not pursue such jobs. Thus, it is critical to increase exposure to exciting careers in science, engineering and technology in early years to keep students motivated and interested in their science and math classes. To this end, the goal of this outreach program is to introduce students to exciting biomedical research in order to inspire students to pursue degrees in science and engineering. Our program has two distinct aspects with one focused on hands-on activities with Middle School students in an after school program and the second based on the development of science modules that high school teachers can use in the classroom and training the teachers. If you are are interested in the materials used in these programs, please contact Dr. Cosgriff-Hernandez.